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Just Moved This Blog

Due to WordPress having such ugly themes for people that host their blogs with them, I decided to put WordPress on my own domain & get a theme I can be proud of & happy with!

So this blog is now here,

For anyone that cares, please update your bookmarks!


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What I’m Up To

I know I have been pretty quiet & m.i.a. lately but I’ve also been hard at work.

I returned from vacation feeling refreshed & ready to get back to work on my sites,
but I’m not just pretty burned out & sick of the social media scene for right now.
So, I haven’t been too into any of my social media hangouts like Rejaw, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

So I guess you’re saying, “then what else is there?” lol. Well, there’s a lot!

I have been working on my online related magazine, AviLicious.
Then there’s my Ning community for my AviLicious Magazine that I’ve been working on.
Then there’s the new graphics site that I’ve been working on for my AviLicious Magazine.

So yes I’ve been busy.

Also there’s my layout site, Layouts By ChaCha that has been needing a lot of updates, so I’ve been doing that.

And I’ve also been playing around on IMVU a lot, doing the 3D chat thing with my buddies.
I’d been away for a few months now so I’m getting back into it & getting addicted again!

So yea, I’ve been pretty consumed by all things IMVU related! lol.

Oh yea & then there’s GFCC ( the Global Friends & Culture Center); I’ve been doing a lot with them since we’re having to rebuild our community from the ground up & restructure our organization. I’m an Admin & Officer with them.

I work with a small group of wonderful individuals who all have one goal in mind, global peace & harmony!
Our community works hard to bring all cultures together while sharing ways to make money online & marketing tips.

So, as you can see, I’ve been quite for a reason!

As for my Social Web Tools site, well I’m hoping to get back to work on that starting February 1st.
I just found out that I now have a PR of 5 there & the site has only been online about 8 months so, I’ve got to get back to updating it ASAP so that I can keep my high rank. I’m really totally shock that the PR is so high, but definitely proud.

As far as this blog, I do plan to update it more because it does help relieve some stress just by writing all this stuff that’s in my head so you’ll probably be seeing more posts from me.

Until then, I’ll be quietly laying in the cut! ha ha

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What Is The Best Cell Phone Provider For International Calling?

My husband is always having trouble with this Internet connection overseas so, we need a new way to talk to each other. I was thinking of a cell phone – probably prepaid – but I cannot seem to find one with a decent International calling plan.

Any suggestions?

So far I think the best I’ve found is the At&t GoPhone though I a little confused about how it all works with the International calling & if calling him from here would count as mobile-to-mobile minutes. I guess my best best would be to go to an At&t store (which is 30 minutes away from where I live) & ask.

You’d think they make it a lot easier & cheaper for deployed soldiers to keep in touch with their families back home. As much as he pays for the Internet, it should not be as bad as it is. He’s always getting disconnected, there’s a huge delay most of the time & voice chat on Yahoo messenger sucks. We can do voice chat fairly decently on Google Talk but then the video chat is an issue. So, we just can’t win.


We’d be straight if he just had a decent Internet connection since the Internet is full of ways to keep in touch. This sucks.

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Sorry That I’ve Been M.I.A.

For anyone that reads my Social Web Tools blog, I’m really sorry that I have been M.I.A. lately & will be for the rest of the year. I just have no motivation or interest in blogging right now due to personal issues. Also, I’m not very focused at all & I’m even more behind on all of my other online endeavours as well; it will take a miracle right now for me to catch up with everything that I’m involved in.

Just hang tight though because I am hoping to come back strong in 2009. I really feel like my 2-week Christmas vacation to visit my family will really help to give me back some of that motivation that I’ve lost with my husband being deployed. It would also help if I could have at least one more person to help me blog though I cannot afford to pay anyone right now. We’ll just see how it goes.

If you have any tips to help me get motivated & in the mood to blog, by all means please share! Thanks.

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Welcome To My Blog

I started this blog mainly for myself just as a venting spot or to post random things I come across everyday.

If you enjoy what I write about, then feel free to comment and/or subscribe, if not that’s fine too! 🙂

I just feel that this will be therapeutic for me & possibly help me deal with my husband’s deployment even better. It also gives people a chance to know the personal me a little more.

So, ta ta for now. 😉

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