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Fed Up With My Dog Peeing At The Door

I am so sick & tired of my 7-month old Maltipoo puppy, Henry, peeing on the floor by the front door. He’ll go all day & night holding his urine but as soon as he realizes that we’re about to go outside, he will start to pee right there at the door. I have no clue how to get him to stop. It’s getting SO frustrating! I’m sick of cleaning up pee!

Sure, I can carry him outside each time, but then he’ll get used to being carried outside & I don’t think that will teach him not to pee at the door. He used to do it after I put the leash on him but now he does it before I even get the leash. He knows that it’s wrong because he’ll run away after doing it or go into the corner.

I live on an Army base & in an apt building so we’re required to have them on a leash at all times outside. Plus, there’s no fence or anything so he could just run into the street or somewhere else if I just let him out without it. It’s hard because just knowing we’re going outside makes him pee.

I’m sitting here pulling my hair out! I just wanna scream at the top of my lungs!


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  1. I’m so sorry. I wish I knew what to tell you. I’m just not a dog person. I love them, just have never had any luck whatsoever in training one. I hope you find a solution. I know how it can be. My last pup never learned to pee or poop outside, so we eventually had to put her on a chain outside, (which I hate to do) after winter was over. But she just would NOT learn!

    Comment by Kelly | December 8, 2008

  2. I think I’m finally getting through to him because today he didn’t do it at all. I also took him out 2 times instead of the usual 1 time during the day (besides morning & before bed). So, I think that helped. Once he gets a little older, I can hopefully switch him back to the 1 time a day like Valentino. We’ll see anyway.

    Comment by ChaCha Fance | December 8, 2008

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